Klarna - Adaptation at its best

The Scene

Klarna – a disruptor in the fintech space – had ambitious upscaling goals. And a uniquely emotive customer base for online payments. For these they needed a more sophisticated localisation model than their current ad hoc and internal set-up. They could see cost and time inefficiencies, and their process tools were not suited to the task.

The Action

Where previously no one was owning the adaptation process, Freedman stepped up. Our central role also solved the disconnect between the regional marketers and the in-house writers around localised copy. Now they could now focus on specialist product copy and leave campaign creative to others.

We were trusted to localise and produce content for TV, OLV, cinema and social for 8 EMEA markets. To select talent and manage all voiceover sessions. To tackle the detail of financial sector clearance issues alongside the Klarna legal team.

Freedman delivered

  • Creative Adaptation
  • Brand Guardianship
  • Creative Production
  • Trafficking & Clearance
  • Campaign Management