Leading Online Recruitment Company – Job seeker global diversity & Inclusion project



Our client’s brand is a credible and active champion of the diverse job seekers community worldwide. As such they wanted to promote and ‘champion a world of work where people are hired for what they have to offer to a diverse base of job seekers’. To achieve this they needed to understand the complex cultural, diversity and inclusivity global-to-local nuances, no easy task.


We realised that we had to begin by researching what diversity and inclusion means across their global key markets and understanding that diversity is about the makeup of your workforce and inclusion is about the creation of a work environment and culture that enables all employees to participate and thrive.

CA: Sees itself as a mosaic vs the (US) melting pot, it’s highlight is a strong representation of women in senior levels, however immigrants struggle with most being overqualified for the roles they currently occupy.
UK: One of the most diverse workforces and is often referred as an integrated workplace, however the repartition is unequal between London and the rest of the UK. This being said LGTBQ+ and BAME groups are hesitate to come as their true selves (potential disadvantage) whether that’s in personality or sexual orientation.
FR: Organisations are based on a hierarchy where people are hired for their perceived competences – creating a workforce that isn’t truly diverse but instead fits a companies culture, putting the less favourable at a disadvantage (women, ethnic groups).
NL: Sees itself as a tolerant, egalitarian nation and pragmatic, but with a shift in population more immigrants and an aging population these groups require further support within the workforce.

After unlocking these local-insights we felt confident we could help our client create ‘a truly local, multi-market representation of communities that face adversities in their job seeking’ – allowing our client to act locally with empathy, authenticity and cultural impact.


Global and local teams now have a deeper understanding of the audiences and a practical and effective playbook that enables them to successfully activate campaigns authentically, supporting, and adding credibility to the brand positioning.

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