Helping a global brand land a pivotal campaign


The brief was to investigate and advise a leading online worldwide employment brand on the relevance, resonance, and general perception of imagery, casting and creative concept for pivotal campaign across multiple markets. Reviewing the sentiment and any potential adaptation challenges. The purpose of this consultation was to provide top-line feedback and insights on one concept.


A thorough assessment of the proposed creative execution was carried out by the Freedman in-market specialists for the specified markets. 

Covering language and imagery, with diversity being carefully considered for example ensuring the proposed casting was suitable for the markets concerned, advising a more local approach could be taken to represent these even further. This could be achieved by portraying ethnic features of popular migrant groups in the selected markets, as well as diverse age groups to truly reflect today’s soundry workforce.


Freedman concluded that the concept developed would be well received across all markets, deemed relatable and applicable while being timely and current. We provided the brand with a detailed breakdown per market including red flags, market nuances, casting, imagery and more. One of the red flags, for example, re coffee + doughnuts being shared is not typical in markets other than US and Canada, should coffee be featured we strongly suggest the use of sustainable drinkware which is becoming more important across the globe.