Fitbit - 'Feel Your Power' brand campaign

Man stretching by the sea wearing a wetsuit

The scene

Featuring electronic DJ and improvisational performer Marc Rebillet, the Fitbit Feel Your Power brand campaign represented a very new look and feel for the brand.

In this campaign, Fitbit shares fun and unexpected stories of people who fully embody their power. The campaign seeks to show people what they are capable of and encourages everyone to find joy in both big wins and everyday triumphs, and the creative featured cameos from TikTok comedian Petey, Nor Diana – the world’s first hijab-wearing pro wrestler, and influencer, public speaker and model Leah V.

Freedman was tasked with localising the online video campaign for Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway – a requirement that involved the delivery of at least nine social edits for each local market, as well as TV edits for the UK and Germany, dynamic banners for Ireland and Norway, and static paid social assets.

The action

With a hard media deadline and large volume of creative assets – many of which were scheduled to go live just weeks after receiving the master files, Freedman responded with a flexible approach and led a staggered production schedule.

“Usually we receive the master files and work on the UK and Ireland, before building out the other markets,” says Account Director Alice Rees. “In this instance, we had to turn around the Germany TVC spots first due to broadcast deadlines, so we prioritised that market before turning our attention to the other edits. Multiple deadlines with little room for movement required our linguistic brand guardians to work directly with the country managers to secure swift sign-offs wherever possible.”

In terms of localising the videos, the client opted for subtitles as opposed to a voiceover in this instance, as it’s a song and a voice over would not be as effective.

When it came to localising slogans such as ‘Listen to your body’, extra attention had to be paid to where the emphasis appeared, because bolding the wrong word within the headline could dilute the statement and fail to convey the campaign’s message. “In addition, any time that you saw a device or a screen, that also needed to be localised,” says Alice.

By taking elements from the original video and turning them into static paid social assets, there was the opportunity to focus on each of the protagonists individually, while adhering to social platform specifications.

The highlights

In addition to managing a staggered production schedule, Freedman responded to last-minute changes in terms of audio, colours and gradients, as well as the watermark and placement of the Fitbit logo – all in advance of TV deadlines.

By being flexible the team came up with a production schedule that prioritised non-negotiable advertisement slots and worked with media agencies to manage other delivery dates where possible.

Freedman was also able to adapt when sudden changes were required – quickly shifting the focus to meet the needs of each market while overseeing a high volume of assets through the production process.

Freedman delivered

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  • Brand Guardianship

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