Facebook & WHO – Cultural relevance in a global pandemic


More than ever, 2020 was the year when brands needed to connect with their audience in an engaging, compliant, and consistent way.

Facebook is a pivotal platform to connect with people everywhere. So, in 2020, the WHO worked with Facebook to launch a social campaign raising awareness of the safety steps and precautions around Covid-19. The goal was to deliver this vital messaging to communities around the globe as clearly and quickly as possible.

This was not an easy task. Due to the importance of the message and the regulations changing worldwide, the campaign needed to be launched swiftly. The campaign also had to remain culturally relevant and compliant to ensure the statement was successfully delivered to audiences.


Leveraging Freedman’s vast community of in-market specialists, we specifically selected in-market experts with a deep understanding of public health to ensure that messaging would be compliant and culturally aware.

To go live fast, we built on our tried and tested workflow for planning, implementing and delivering global campaigns. This process has been refined and optimised over 30 years of working with brands who are leaders in their sectors. As a result, we can mobilise quickly, even if the subject matter is highly sensitive and complex.


We worked across all regions, liaising with the WHO stakeholders and in-market approvers, delivering the content within three weeks. We localised Facebook’s social campaign for 36 markets, delivering 656 complex assets featuring highly sensitive communications that complied with local regulation and nuances in language.

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