Facebook – The Authenticity Project

Facebook authenticity projectFacebook authenticity project

The scene

Facebook’s SMB Public affairs marketing communication had a visual problem, regardless of the authenticity of their messaging due to the design of their communications they were coming across as lacking empathy and understanding to their UK, FR, DE & BE markets. Therefore they were losing the one key factor that was important to them – trust.

The action

Beginning with a series of collaborative research session including reviewing the latest design and imagery trends (Getty Images GPS) our research uncovered two main themes we had to activate – Authenticity & Transparency. Every shape, colour, layout used was analysed and tested, to better help and support the messaging with each image used was researched and examined to ensure it reflected the local markets and target audiences. Particular care was given to the new creation of library of locally relevant and culturally competent imagery, photographic images and style guides. So began the Authenticity Project – creating a design language that would help Facebook’s Public affairs communications more trustworthy and authentic than ever before.

The highlights

Based on Freedman’s creative recommendations, Facebook decided to run an A/B test in the Q2 campaign to ascertain the efficacy of our strategy. Results have shown our new creative approach performed better in 3 out of the 4 key markets, with the new imagery and photography approaches scoring highly. Subsequently this project has formed the basis of further projects in key markets.

Freedman delivered

  • Creative Adaptation
  • Brand Guardianship
  • Creative Production
  • Campaign Management

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