EA – Annual FIFA game release

The scene

Each year brings a new release of EA’s mega-franchise FIFA, with millions sold worldwide. 

To maximise the critical 3-month sales window requires a massive scale-up of global content.

The action

In 2019, we mastered, adapted, localised and delivered over 3,000 assets across TV, video and digital, for over 30 markets in under 3 weeks. And the challenge only grew…

For the FIFA 21 launch in the same time period we delivered 7,000+ assets for the same channels, across 25+ markets. 

Together with the central marketing function, we created a bespoke process for creative production and global delivery. As a result deadlines and quality standards are now consistently met, despite last minute changes that need implementing and cascading across all channels.

Freedman delivered

  • 360 Process Review
  • Worldwide Production & Delivery
  • International Capability Scaling

“The benefits of working with Freedman are three-fold: allowing our creative agencies to focus on their core skills, delivering measurable cost savings and increased speed to market, improved process and efficiency.”
European Communications Director

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Freedman International helps manage large-scale, international campaigns more efficiently and scale up your international marketing if needed. For over 30 years some of the world’s most famous brands have trusted us to work closely with their teams and systems as their global localisation and transcreation partner. Our hands-on management ensures we continually drive efficiencies and improve the cultural fit of campaigns across the world.

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