EA – Annual FIFA game release

The Scene

Each year brings a new release of EA’s mega-franchise FIFA, with millions sold worldwide. 

To maximise the critical 3-month sales window requires a massive scale-up of global content.

The Action

In 2019, we mastered, adapted, localised and delivered over 3,000 assets across TV, video and digital, for over 30 markets in under 3 weeks. And the challenge only grew…

For the FIFA 21 launch in the same time period we delivered 7,000+ assets for the same channels, across 25+ markets. 

Together with the central marketing function, we created a bespoke process for creative production and global delivery. As a result deadlines and quality standards are now consistently met, despite last minute changes that need implementing and cascading across all channels.

Freedman delivered

  • 360 Process Review
  • Worldwide Production & Delivery
  • International Capability Scaling

“The benefits of working with Freedman are three-fold: allowing our creative agencies to focus on their core skills, delivering measurable cost savings and increased speed to market, improved process and efficiency.”
European Communications Director