Advancing Fitbit’s LGBTQ+ inclusion in advertising


Fitbit are a progressive brand who pride themselves on inclusion in both their product development and communications. They frequently affirm their knowledge of their audience and markets to ensure their campaigns are authentic, appropriate and effective. 

Fitbit consulted Freedman to run an in-depth report on LGBTQ+ in advertising across EMEA to make sure their campaigns were not only relevant and impactful in every market but ensure they were informed of how to best ensure maximum inclusion in every country without offending or coming across insensitive.


We looked at a total of 7 markets within EMEA (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands), reaching out to our in-market specialists and creatives to explore what leading brands are doing, consolidating the learning and recommendations for Fitbit.

The document explored what brands are doing to include and represent the LGBTQ+ community within their marketing and advertising communications across EMEA looking at both successful and unsuccessful attempts in terms of use of messaging, imagery and tonality.


The dossier provided helped to inspire and advise Fitbit on how to include the LGBTQ+ audience in their communications embedding true representation and reflecting the local demographics. It provided guidance on what role the brand can play, through the power of communication, to actively counter barriers the community face in each market.