Helping brands connect
with people worldwide

Ensuring what you stand for in your home market is replicated internationally

Our local teams use cultural insights to make sure your marketing communications really connect with local target audiences, while keeping your brand consistent around the world.

Global Creative Production Agency - Freedman International

Protecting your brand worldwide

As your global brand guardian, we provide expert advice and worldwide brand governance to ensure that your campaigns are consistent and compliant.
At the same time, our team of integrated production experts deliver powerful, localised assets informed by genuine cultural insights.

Global Creative Production - Freedman International

Prioritising your localisation strategy

It’s never too early to make sure that your content is culturally appropriate and to plan for its efficient delivery. To achieve that, we work in close collaboration with your in-house teams and outside agencies from day one.

Giving your global brand local resonance

Our global community of cultural experts in 95+ markets provide local insights you can’t get anywhere else. With the support of your dedicated team of linguists, strategists, and in-market brand ambassadors, your campaign will be right first time, however diverse your audience.


Global Creative Production - Freedman International

Your independent partner

Not tied to any network, you can rely on us to offer objective advice and a fresh perspective. We’re comfortable working in collaboration with your in-house teams and other agencies to deliver hyper-relevant creative adaptation, transcreation and localisation.

Building a team of experts around you

One size does not fit all. We tailor our services to your brand and assign a team of people with the expertise you need, rather than relying on automated algorithms or inflexible processes. We’ve been bringing the human touch to successful client relationships for over 30 years.